I've been honored to work with so many wonderful families. To give you a sense of how I show up as a doula, I've included some of their reviews below.


Anne & Aaron

"Grace provided us with warm and validating support during a physically & emotionally intense and vulnerable time...It’s hard for me to imagine that you could find a better postpartum doula."

Tricia & Will

"Grace was so attentive and really, truly listened to me at a time in my life I needed it most...she gave me the emotional support I needed to have the birth experience I so deeply wanted"


Jessie & Jorge

"Grace was a very welcome source of support during the difficult (but beautiful!) birth of my first son...she provided the serenity and strength that my husband and I needed"

Alexandra & Nick

"Grace provided guidance and encouraged me to stand up for myself if I needed to, which ultimately allowed me to be in charge of my labor and delivery instead of being lead by a doctor who attempted to rush me."