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“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”

Dr. John H. Kennell

Birth Doula

The birth you want is the birth I support.

My standard birth package includes two prenatal meetings, unlimited text & email support, a 24/7 on-call period from 38 weeks through birth, continuous labor support, and a postpartum follow-up visit.

How I provide birth support is fluid and includes instructional coaching, physical comfort measures, advocacy within the medical environment, and emotional stewardship. I am a Spinning Babies® enthusiast, but otherwise do not align myself with any specific methodology. I have supported clients in unmedicated home births, high-intervention hospital births, and many in between. 


In a nutshell: Every birth is different, and how I support yours is entirely unique to you.

The fee for my birth support package is $2,000.

Postpartum Doula

Nurturing the whole family

I offer both daytime & nighttime postpartum care. Day shifts are 4 hours and may include general newborn care instruction, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding support (I believe fed is best and will never pressure you to feed your baby a certain way), meal preparation, nap support, and light housework. During my 8-hour overnight shifts, I focus primarily on taking over newborn care so that you can catch up on sleep.


Shifts are reserved in advance and scheduled once baby is born. You may build your postpartum package with any number of shifts and combine day & night support to meet your family's unique needs. These needs can be unpredictable, so I strive to provide flexible scheduling options throughout our time together.

My postpartum support is $50/hour.

While I ask those who can afford it to pay my full fees, I offer a sliding scale to support families on a more limited budget.

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